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Offer Memberships in Home Service for Increased Customer Loyalty

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Home Service Companies are following a trend in capturing monthly subscription revenue from existing customers through value packed memberships. Launching a membership program for your business is beneficial beyond the revenue it generates. Memberships create loyal customers who are more likely to repeat business with you long into the future. Memberships are a great way to create brand awareness and build rapport as trusted experts.

Membership programs build continuity

A membership program is a commitment a business makes to customers to deliver benefits that keep customers coming back. When customers purchase a membership through your business they are invested with your business and you are committed to them. Customers who are members are more likely to call you back when they need service because of the special perks they get. Priority Scheduling, Special Discounts and Routine checkups are typical perks included in a premium home service memberships.

Include Preventative Maintenance in Your Membership Offering

When you include checkups or preventative maintenance in your membership it shows your customers that you are a caring expert and gives your business the opportunity for first response if/when that equipment malfunctions. We develop trusting relationships with experts who regularly service our home, we expect to see them often so we extend our trust to these service providers. Routine check-ups can save customers money because equipment lasts longer and works most effectively when it is regularly maintained. Customers appreciate the extra steps techs take to ensure safety and comfort in their home. When you focus on membership fulfillment your customers can see first hand the level of care that your team delivers and they won’t want to do business with anyone else.

Membership Benefits Outweigh the Cost

Typically members pay a monthly or annual subscription charge that is auto-billed to their credit card. Customers pay a nominal charge to maintain their member status and access to benefits. When your membership program is value packed customers can quickly understand that the benefits outweigh the costs. Representatives in your business should know the selling points (benefits) of your membership offering and be ready to discuss the advantages of joining. Consider which benefits are meaningful to the customer and make sure they are included. List member benefits along side a customer benefit statement to understand the value offered.

Waived or reduced service fee; = Save Money Priority Scheduling; = Save Time Maintenance or Tune-Ups; = Expert Advice Includes Safety Inspections = Peace of Mind

Increase Customer Touch-Points and Loyalty

The Value of your membership is perceived by the customer so you’ll want to include services that show your expert and professional care. Including in home visits for routine maintenance increases the number of customer touch-points (interactions) and helps build rapport. Many home service companies have found great success in including 1-3 annual check-ups for the home or for large equipment in the Home that benefits from a routine maintenance. This is a great value add that encourages customers to join your membership program. The hidden value is that these regular visits help grow and maintain a relationship with your customer. When you've tuned up the AC before the summer heat or serviced the water softener to improve the water quality, customers become grateful for your impeccable timing & the proactive measures your company takes to keep their home comfortable. These customers become life long customers who commit to you beyond membership with customer referral, rave reviews and loyalty that can’t be bought.

Get Started on Your Membership Program Today!

If you don’t already offer a membership program for your customers, you should start one right away. There is no better way to show your customers that you are committed and ready to serve. Ergos Software offers an automated platform for selling and tracking memberships and preventative maintenance. Check out Fastrax, a software platform built specifically for home service contractors and start utilizing mobile technician technology for in-field selling and fulfillment. Fastrax Software takes the headache out of selling tracking and maintaining memberships. Call for a demonstration today to see how your memberships can auto-bill without any extra human effort. Turn on a stream of revenue for your business that connects you to your customers in new ways. You may also want to read How to Create a Membership Program for Home Service to help you get started right away.

Written by Experts at Ergos Software, Inc.

-- Dez Kinsley

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