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How to Create a Membership Program for Home Service

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

10 Steps to Start Your Membership Program

A Membership Model is a plan to capture reoccurring revenue from customers for concurrent access to value, advantages and benefits. the best Membership Programs are built to create loyal customers and your membership should be value packed to encourage your customers commit to your business. When you launch a new membership program you will need to plan out some of the foundational details and validate that your member benefits are enticing to customers. Here are some steps you can take to start building your very own membership program for your home service company. The foundation for creating a membership program works for Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Septic, Solar and other home service contractors.

10 Steps to Start Your Membership Program

1. Determine and Name your Membership Offer(s) 2. List the Member Benefits Included & the advantages 3. Determine Preventative Maintenance or Routine Check-ups 4. Create a procedure for offering and selling Memberships 5. Create an explainer brochure or video 6. Launch Call Center Procedures 7. Launch Tech Selling Procedure 8. Create a superior customer experience for Members 9. Analyze and test membership prices and inclusions 10. Manage Membership Renewal Transactions with Fastrax

Fastrax provides the automation to make membership offerings and renewals painless. Memberships help you build a confident list of loyal customers who count on you. The right system should indicate which customers are members and which membership they’ve elected to purchase and a sure way to offer customers memberships. If you include certain time based, preventative maintenance services, you’ll want to be notified when maintenances are due and track the fulfillment as services are completed. Simple reports about your members, continuity, service fulfillment and lifetime value can help you quickly see the advantages of member benefits as the metrics will make it very apparent when comparing both cohort groups.

So what will your membership program look like? If you provide a home service you should consider offering memberships sooner than later. Customers love value and membership programs offer extended value to those customers who join your membership offering. Membership Programs help increase your overall customer experience and show customers that your business is committed to them.

Written by Experts at Ergos Software, Inc.

-- Dez Kinsley

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