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Service Technicians - Be Better so you can serve customers better!

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Home Service Contractors are experts in their specialized trade and ready to be called upon for professional home repairs and upgrades. Home Service Techs like Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC & Septic contractor get the call because they have the expertise to get the job done right. The best service technicians and service companies go beyond their trade to include skillsets that build rapport and create loyalty that keeps customers coming back. These elite service contractors are doing something different to create a value packed experience for every customer and home they serve… And its paying off in service, sales and growth.

Field Service Technicians, Service Managers and Business Representatives can focus on these three important skills to serve their customers better. The best part is that your customers will feel the impact right away. Here are three skills to encourage your service techs to utilize on every job to better serve customers.

Presence is crucial for customer satisfaction. Being fully present requires that we focus our being and energy in the here and now. When we are in a customers home and fully present we create superior interactions and deliver quality services. This requires that we avoid distractions at all costs (including personal and professional distractions) and stay focused on the customer, their needs and working towards a resolution. Acknowledge your customer and if they remain near during the discovery process continue to discuss solutions and share conversations that keep them engaged. To serve your customers better, encourage Service Technicians to be fully present and attentive to the customer on every job.

Care is another word for service that simply implies we are doing our very best! We can get the job done with our skill set alone, but when we apply care to the services we provide we impress and satisfy our customers. When a job has been completed with care your customers will notice! Customers like it when you show care for the things they care about. So you can serve your customer better when you apply attention and consideration to complete the job correctly and to avoid a mess or any unnecessary damage. You can also apply a great deal of care in the way you communicate with your customer; your presentation, tone and messages all impact your customers decision to continue doing business with you.

Intention is what we set our minds to accomplish. The best Service Technicians hold clear intentions about what they will accomplish on every job, in each home and with each customer. We must be in a positive mindset and ready (mentally) to take on the task at hand. You can serve your customers better than the competition by making up your mind to do so. Remember that where intention goes, energy flows. So make your mind up to serve your customers better and wha-la you will serve them better.

We at Ergos Software, Inc. believe in these personal skillsets: Presence, Care and Intention and the impact they can have on service, sales and growth. You can decide the best way to help your team and service technicians incorporate these skills by planning out specific steps that can be taken on every job. Fastrax Office and Mobile Tech Application can help you acheive presence, care and intention on every job! Circle back with your team and tell them WHY these skills are so important and help them incorporate them. Apply these simple skills and strengthen them regularly to serve customers better. Here are some examples for on the job use of presence, care and intention:

5 Pointers for Presence in Service

Always Introduce yourself to the customer and ask for permission to enter the home and to explore the issue.

Notice things about the customers home and share compliments and remarks when applicable.

If the customer stays close during the discovery process, do NOT ignore them but instead stay engaged and inform them of some of your findings.

While sharing proposals with the customer, explain thoroughly all options and advantages. Ask them if they have questions or concerns.

Do NOT walk away from the customer during the decision making process. If you do they may feel like you (the expert) have left them (the amateur) alone during a crucial time.

5 Pointers for Care in Service

Pay serious attention to the presentation of oneself and remember that first impressions are everything.

Show the customer care through listening, engaging and sharing your professional expertise.

Complete inspections that double check the safety of the home so your customers know you care to go above and beyond in service.

Offer memberships and other loyalty programs that show your customers how important they are to you and your business.

Roll out the red carpet and put on your shubees because keeping the customers space clean during construction proves you care.

5 Pointers for Intention in Service

Prepare and rehearse scripts, flows and interactions that you will have with customers and be ready to share your expert recommendations.

Decide to earn customer loyalty by being a good listener and alert to their needs.

Set your mind to help people with your professional expertise.

Create a Sales Cycle or Work Flow that wins more sales and adjust your plan according to your intentions.

BE, DO, HAVE - Sometimes we just have to BE Better in order to Serve our customers better. Decide to be the best service provider and your actions will follow.

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